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Frequently Asked Questions

Does NWPD hold info sessions?

No, NWPD does not hold info sessions; however we prefer to chat with our candidates’ one on one to allow for your individual questions to be answered. We encourage all applicants who have questions to email or call 604-529-2446 and speak with one of our Coordinators.

How do I apply?

Once you have had a chance to review the minimum requirements and preferred qualifications and want to apply you can either:

Pick up a hard copy of the application form at the NWPD Station located at 555 Columbia Street in New Westminster or download and print off a copy of the application form. Applications for volunteering will only appear online during a recruitment drive.

What are the steps in the recruitment process?

Step 1. Submission of application.

Step 2. Selection process begins. You will be contacted with an update.

Step 3. Interview, fingerprints and police history checks begin

Step 4. Background investigation including employment and reference verification and polygraph exam.

Step 5. Final selection process.

I have completed my application, how do I submit it?

Deliver or mail your application in a sealed envelope to the office of the New Westminster Police Department:

New Westminster Police Department
Attention: Crime Prevention Unit
555 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC
V3L 1B2

Where do I get my vision and hearing exams completed?

You will need to get your Vision Report completed by an accredited Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. Your Hearing/Audiometric Report will need to be completed by an accredited Audiologist or Audiometric Technician. NWPD does not have a list preferred professionals for you to choose from so please visit a professional in your local area.

I had an eye and/or hearing exam completed with another department. Can I submit the other department’s forms with my NWPD application?

We require the NWPD eye and hearing forms to be completed and submitted with the application. However; if you had your exam done within the past six months (of you submitting your application) we would accept your results if they fall within that time frame. You just need to take the NWPD forms and have the Dr. complete them with the exam results from within the last six months.

I am currently not a Citizen of Canada; can I still apply to NWPD?

In order to submit an application with NWPD you must be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada.

What is the age limit for applying?

There is no age limit. The only age restriction is that applications must be at least 19 years of age.


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