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Salary and Benefits


Our patrol officers work a 4-day on, 4-day off schedule and workdays are 12 hour shifts.

NWPD provides a full range of employee benefits including:

  • Annual Vacation Leave
  • Extended Health Benefits
  • Dental Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Municipal Pension Plan

Members who go onto maternity leave and/or parental leave receive employment insurance payments. We will top-up their payment to 95% for 17 weeks of maternity leave and 20 weeks of parental leave. Meaning, members who take both, receive 95% top-up of salary for 37 weeks while they are off work to care for their new family.

As a New Westminster Police Officer you begin receiving your salary the day that you are Sworn In (approximately one week prior to starting Police Academy). All newly hired NWPD Constables begin getting paid at the Constable 4th Class rate of pay.

NWPD salary rates are as follows:


Fourth Class Constable (first two years) $83,784
Third Class Constable (after two years) $89,364
Second Class Constable (after three years) $100,536
First Class Constable (after four years) $111,708
10 – Year First Class Constable Qualified $117,288
15 – Year First Class Constable Qualified $122,880
20 – Year First Class Constable Qualified $128,460
Corporal $128,460
Sergeant $134,052
Staff Sergeant $150,804

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