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New Westminster Community Policing Committee

At the New Westminster Police Department, we value the excellent relationship we have with the citizens of our community. To preserve this important relationship between the police and community, the New Westminster Community Policing Committee (NWCPC) was formed to improve communications between New Westminster Police and all neighborhoods across the city.

New Westminster Community Policing Committee has been in existence in one form or another since approximately 1981 and is now an internal committee with the police department. This committee is made up of representatives from the city’s resident and merchant associations and the New Westminster Police Department.


This committee focuses on increasing and maintaining the livability of New Westminster as it relates to crime and policing by identifying issues and recommending solutions. This includes crime prevention and other community oriented solutions, driven by the needs and interests of the community as a whole.

Therefore, it is citizens of the community and the police collaborating to identify crime and safety issues, and to partner in recommending solutions.


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For more information about the committee, contact the New Westminster Police Department:


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