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Graffiti Eradication

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Graffiti is vandalism

Graffiti is not a form of art. Graffiti is the willful defacement of another’s property by writing words or drawing pictures with any marking substance including felt pens, spray-paint, ball-point pens, or knives for etching. Graffiti may be found on just about any surface including walls, bus shelters, mailboxes and sidewalks. In New Westminster, graffiti is considered to be one of the most costly and difficult types of vandalism to deal with effectively.

The vast majority of graffiti is committed by juveniles for recognition. These juveniles are not necessarily gang members. They come from all backgrounds and from all neighbourhoods in the city.

Graffiti affects everyone

Graffiti is not simply an individual’s problem, but one that affects everyone living in the community. If graffiti is left, it may multiply and spread throughout the neighbourhood. Graffiti leaves the impression that the citizens will not deal with the problem, and this may encourage other types of criminal activity. Graffiti may be obscene or hateful and unsuitable for viewing by some members of our community. Further, some people can be intimidated by its presence. Graffiti should be taken seriously and dealt with quickly.

Eradicate graffiti

One of the best ways to deal with graffiti is to eradicate it immediately. This can be accomplished by painting over it or by using special cleaners to remove it. There are many methods of removal that are effective and environmental friendly. For further information on removal options, consult your local yellow pages for a graffiti specialist, the Crime Reduction Unit of NWPD, or fill out our online form. We may be able to assist with clean-up information.

Preventing graffiti

  • Ensure your property is well-lit.
  • Clinging vines or shrubbery against walls may be helpful in discouraging graffiti.
  • Murals provide a poor background for graffiti, discouraging graffiti vandals.
  • Anti-graffiti paints repel graffiti and make clean-up easier.

Let’s take back our community!

Graffiti may never be entirely eradicated. However, incidents of graffiti can be greatly reduced. Most importantly, do not ignore graffiti. The longer it is left, the more costly it will become for you and the rest of the community. Graffiti generates fear of neighbourhood crime, instability, and declining property values.

Graffiti vandals commit a criminal offense which may lead to charges under the Criminal Code of Canada. If you see graffiti vandals in the act, call the Police at 9-1-1 immediately.

Click here to view the Graffiti Resource Sheet.

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