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Environmental Design

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is an effective way of reducing crime in your own home. CPTED is a proactive approach that aims to reduce or eliminate opportunities for crime. It is best implemented at the conceptual or design stage, but commonly used to enhance security. CPTED can result in reduced crime, reduced fear of crime and reduced nuisance behaviour.

Three useful tools when addressing security issues around your home

These principles have proven successful in reducing the opportunity of being victimized.


Dark areas are crime attractors. Here are some suggestions for strategic lighting:

  • Install photo/motion sensitive lighting at a tamper proof height.
  • Leave your Power Smart porch light on at night.
  • Consider using timers on interior lights.


Poor home security makes your home a bigger target for crime. Insufficient locks can make you and your family more vulnerable. Here are some suggestions for lock security:

  • Install a deadbolt lock with a 1″ throw on all exterior doors.
  • Use 3″ screws in hinges and striker plates.
  • Consider installing secondary locks on all exterior doors and windows.
  • Ensure your locks are high quality.


Privacy is important, but should not have a negative impact on your home security or that of your neighbours.

  • Shrubbery should be well trimmed and below a metre in height.
  • Trees should be trimmed up so the bottom of the crown is above two metres in height.
  • Fences should permit good visibility.
  • Creating a border around your property will define your private home from public space.

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