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Presentations to the Board


Any person or persons (a “delegation”), not being a Member of the Board, wishing to address a regular Meeting of the Board shall make a request to the Board Executive Assistant in writing by noon, one day in advance of the Board meeting, and include the topic that the delegation is speaking to. There may be a limit on the number of delegations able to appear at a given Board meeting.

Speaking time for a delegation shall be limited to a maximum of five (5) minutes. A time extension may be given by agreement of the Board.

A written submission by the delegation and a list of persons attending, wherever possible, shall be filed with the Board Executive Assistant for distribution with the meeting agenda.

The Board may, by majority vote at a meeting or by poll, agree to hear a member of the public speak on an issue which is not on the meeting agenda.

Members shall not enter into debate with the delegation upon the completion of their presentation. Members should only ask questions for clarification and obtaining additional, relevant information.

No delegation at either a Regular Meeting or Special Meeting of the Board shall:
(1) speak disrespectfully of any person;
(2) use offensive words or un-parliamentary language;
(3) speak on any subject other than the subject for which they have received approval to address the Board; or
(4) disobey the rules of procedures or a decision of the Chair.

The Chair may curtail any delegation, any questions of a delegation or debate during a delegation for disorder or any other breach of this policy and, where the Chair rules that the delegation is concluded, the delegation shall immediately withdraw.

Requests to give a presentation must be made in writing to the Board Secretary at least one week in advance of the preferred meeting, stating the subject, purpose and length of time required.

The Board Secretary, in consultation with the Board, will schedule the presentation on the appropriate agenda.

The length of a presentation should be kept brief and will be allotted a maximum time of ten (10) minutes.

No more than two presentations will be scheduled for any one meeting.

If the presenter has a presentation to display (e.g. PowerPoint) the presentation must be submitted to the Board Secretary no later than noon (12:00pm) the Friday before the meeting.

The Board will not hear any delegation concerning a conduct complaint against officers of the New Westminster Police Department, but will refer the delegation to the appropriate oversight body, which is the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.

The Police Board can be reached via


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