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Overview of New Westminster Police Recruitment Exam

The New Westminster Police Recruitment Exam assesses practical skill sets that police officers must use on a daily basis. The exam is divided into four modules.

The four modules assess the following areas:

  • Memory and observation skills                                          (20 marks)
  • Reading comprehension and critical thinking skills           (25 marks)
  • Summarizing skills                                                             (10 marks)
  • Writing and editing skills                                                    (45 marks)

Assessment of Memory and Observation Skills

This module is divided into two sections and the question format is multiple choice. At the beginning of the exam, candidates are shown a police bulletin and asked to read and remember as much of the information as possible. Candidates then watch a video detailing a crime-in-progress. Section A is focused on what is shown in the video and is comprised of 15 multiple-choice questions designed to test a candidate’s memory and observation skills. Section B is comprised of 5 multiple choice questions relating to the police bulletin.

Assessment of Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills

This module is divided into three sections. The objective of this module is to assess the candidate’s reading comprehension skills, their ability to reason and think critically, and their ability to apply basic math skills. The math skills required by this section include addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentages, and fractions. The first section presents an article that the candidate must read and answer questions about. Answers in this section are written in sentence and paragraph form, as necessary. The second and third sections detail crimes and accident scenes and then ask questions about the information given. Answers in these two sections can be written in point form.

Assessment of Summary Skills

This module requires the candidate to read a witness statement and write a coherent summary that captures the essential message of the witness statement. The summary is written in paragraph form.

Assessment of Writing and Editing Skills

This module is divided into three sections. Each section presents one passage of text for editing and revising. Candidates revise the passages, eliminating errors in the following areas: grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, syntax, spelling, and word choice.


Sample Questions

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