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If you are an experienced officer and would like to speak to our recruiting sergeant about your options with NWPD, please complete the form below and we can arrange a confidential 1-on-1 telephone call around your availability.



    This is your time to join the New Westminster Police Department.

    We are located in the heart of Metro Vancouver on the traditional territory of the Halkomelem speaking peoples. The New Westminster Police Department serves a growing community of 80,000 people.

    New Westminster has immense community spirit and residents appreciate the high level of service provided by our front line staff.

    The NWPD is a diverse and inclusive department. We recognize that people from all backgrounds and orientations bring unique and valuable insight to the table. The department is supported by a Police Board and Leadership Team that prioritize staff wellness and professional development.

    Join our team and add to the legacy of one of the oldest police departments in Western Canada. With the NWPD, the opportunities for your career are as diverse as your interests. You can work in the historic streets of downtown, or on the waters of the Fraser River. You can strengthen relationships with diverse communities in our city, or work alongside police from other agencies in one of the region’s integrated specialty units. We offer the most secondment opportunities than any other police service in the Lower Mainland Region.

    Message from the Chief Constable

    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the New Westminster Police Department.

    There are many reasons why someone who loves their job may move to another police department. You could be in search for new opportunities, a home on the coast of British Columbia, or a better fit with a new team of colleagues.

    The people who work for this department are truly exceptional. I am honoured to work alongside them and am continually inspired by their dedication, hard work, and compassion. As Chief Constable, I am dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of my team.

    I hope you consider applying to work with us. I have worked my entire career at the New Westminster Police Department and am proud to call this city my home. While geographically small, New Westminster is located in the heart of the Metro Vancouver region, which brings with it all the challenges and rewards of policing in a big city. The New Westminster Police Department, and the community it serves, will benefit from your policing experience. You will benefit from all the outstanding qualities that make the New Westminster Police Department a leader in policing.

    Dave Jansen
    Chief Constable

    Questions can be directed to:

    Sergeant Justine THOM

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