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Month: May 2018


新西敏市– 新西敏市警察局慎重提醒外國學生及其家人警惕虛擬綁架騙局。騙子通過自稱外國政府高級官員來勒索學生及其家人。 上週,這些騙子使用微信(WeChat – 一種流行的中國社交媒體平台)聯繫一名新西敏市學生并威脅此學生,如果此學生不遵守他們的要求,他們要傷害此學生的父母。受害者被告知不要使用他們的手機、不要聯繫他們的家人、不要使用任何形式的社交媒體、並遵守騙子們的每一個要求。 同時,騙子通過微信與學生的家人聯繫,並告知他們的女兒被綁架了。網上的騙子們要求受害者家人付贖金來換取他們女兒的安全。騙子們設法說服此學生逃離加拿大,之後她在另一個國家被找到而並沒有被綁架。 “通常這些學生們受到威脅、被騙錢、並被強迫去躲藏起來,”傑夫斯科特警官(Sergeant Jeff Scott)說。 “一旦網上的騙子們恐嚇學生使其躲藏起來,他們就會聯繫其父母並騙取他們的錢財。” 如果您收到讓您懷疑是騙局的消息或電話,請不要洩露任何個人信息並忽略這些威脅。 任何認為自己是欺詐或詐騙受害者的人都可致電加拿大反欺詐中心1-888-495-8501,並致電604-525-5411來聯繫新西敏市警察局,或致電當地警方。   -30- 聯繫人:傑夫斯科特警官(Sergeant Jeff Scott) 電話/電郵: 604-529-2423, This is a translated version of our previous media release about the virtual kidnapping scam. The english version of the media release can be found here:

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新西敏市– 新西敏市警察局慎重提醒外国学生及其家人警惕虚拟绑架骗局。骗子通过自称外国政府高级官员来勒索学生及其家人。 上周,这些骗子使用微信(WeChat – 一种流行的中国社交媒体平台)联系一名新西敏市学生并威胁此学生,如果此学生不遵守他们的要求,他们要伤害此学生的父母。受害者被告知不要使用他们的手机、不要联系他们的家人、不要使用任何形式的社交媒体、并遵守骗子们的每一个要求。 同时,骗子通过微信与学生的家人联系,并告知他们的女儿被绑架了。网上的骗子们要求受害者家人付赎金来换取他们女儿的安全。骗子们设法说服此学生逃离加拿大,之后她在另一个国家被找到而并没有被绑架。 “通常这些学生们受到威胁、被骗钱、并被强迫去躲藏起来,”杰夫斯科特警官(Sergeant Jeff Scott)说。 “一旦网上的骗子们恐吓学生使其躲藏起来,他们就会联系其父母并骗取他们的钱财。” 如果您收到让您怀疑是骗局的消息或电话,请不要泄露任何个人信息并忽略这些威胁。 任何认为自己是欺诈或诈骗受害者的人都可致电加拿大反欺诈中心1-888-495-8501,并致电604-525-5411来联系新西敏市警察局,或致电当地警方。 -30-   联系人:杰夫斯科特警官(Sergeant Jeff Scott) 电话/电邮: 604-529-2423, This is a translated version of our previous media release about the virtual kidnapping scam. The english version of the media release can be found here:

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New Westminster Police Department responds to alleged domestic dispute call

New Westminster – At approximately 10:45am on May 24th, 2018 the New Westminster Police Department responded to a domestic dispute call near Colbourne Street in New Westminster. One person was briefly detained near the area of 1st Street and 6th Avenue by New Westminster Police Department constables. No arrest was made in connection with this […]

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Register your bike for free with Project 529

In Vancouver alone 5 – 6 bikes are reported stolen every day and only a few get returned to their owners when recovered by police. Why so few? Because many owners don’t record and share their bike serial number and description. Help defend against the bike theft epidemic by: Registering your bike with 529 Garage […]

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Joshua Boden Arrested and Charged

New Westminster – On May 9th 2018 at approximately 8:45am, 31 year old New Westminster resident Joshua Boden was arrested after an assault investigation. On May 6th 2018 the New Westminster Police Department received a report of a domestic dispute that occurred between a male and a female. The suspect, Mr. Boden, was not on […]

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New Westminster Man Arrested and Charged In Child Pornography Investigation

New Westminster – An investigation by the NWPD Major Crime Unit has resulted in charges of Possession of Child Pornography. In June of 2017, the New Westminster Police Major Crime Unit investigated Shane Tucker, a New Westminster resident, relating to the possession and accessing of child sexual abuse images. Detectives obtained a judicial authorization and […]

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Virtual kidnapping scam targets local New Westminster student

New Westminster – The New Westminster Police Department is warning foreign students and their families about a scam involving the extortion of students and their families by people claiming to be high ranking foreign government officials. Last week, a New Westminster student was contacted by the scammers through WeChat, a popular Chinese social media platform, […]

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Gas leak in Queensborough

New Westminster – New Westminster Police Department, New Westminster Fire Department, and Fortis BC are on site responding to a gas leak in the Queensborough neighbourhood. Roads are closed at Ewen Avenue and Howes Street, Jardine Street and Salter Street, and Ewen Avenue and Gifford Street. Please avoid the area. Two businesses have been evacuated […]

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Off-Duty New Westminster Constable helps save the life of hockey player

New Westminster – Off-duty New Westminster Police Department Constable Curtis Heath was arriving early to see his son’s hockey game in Coquitlam when he noticed a crowd of people gathered in the middle of the ice. It wasn’t until he made it around the rink that he realized someone was doing CPR on a 27 […]

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