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Crime Reduction Unit and local businesses partner to arrest shoplifters

New Westminster – Following successful projects in the Downtown neighbourhood where New Westminster Police Department specialty units worked with local businesses to arrest and charge violent shoplifters, business improvement associations from other neighbourhoods have approached police to work together.

The New Westminster Police Department Crime Reduction Unit has expanded their partnership to include both the Downtown and Uptown business improvement associations. This proactive effort addresses the serious issue of shoplifting, including the threat of injury to staff and the general public and financial loss incurred by retail outlets within the city. The aim is to raise awareness, deter potential offenders, and promote a safe and secure shopping environment.

“We are out there,” stated Sergeant Sean Schultz. “I won’t say when and I won’t say where, but if you are going to shoplift, you can expect to meet the Crime Reduction Unit.”

The New Westminster Police Department believes shoplifting and violent thefts from businesses is an underreported crime. Officers are encouraging staff to report these crimes to police. Staff can file a police report by calling 604-525-5411 and if they witnessing a theft in progress to call 9-1-1. In some instances, online reporting may be a quick and convenient way to report instances of shoplifting. To learn more about online reporting please visit

“Business owners and staff have had enough,” stated Sergeant Andrew Leaver. “Employees and customers should not have to face violence when they are in retail environments.”

This project is funded in large part by the Special Investigations and Targeted Enforcement Program, with funding from the provincial government under the Safer Communities Action Plan.

If retailers require safety and crime prevention information, or would like to inquire about collaborating with the New Westminster Police Department Crime Reduction Unit please contact Sergeant Schultz at



CONTACT PERSON: Hailey Finnigan