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Officer seizes second replica firearm in one week

New Westminster – On March 1st Constable Malcolm, a member of the New Westminster Police Department Traffic Unit, was conducting routine patrols when he observed a vehicle driving in an aggressive manner. He subsequently conducted a traffic stop and arrested a prohibited driver. A search of the vehicle was done and a firearm was found inside. Upon closer inspection of the firearm, it was determined to be a replica.

This is the second replica firearm seized by Constable Malcolm in four days. On February 27th Constable Malcolm was conducting routine patrols in Queensborough when he saw two men sleeping inside a vehicle. Constable Malcolm could see in plain view a firearm inside the vehicle. With the assistance of the Lower Mainland Integrated Emergency Response Team, the two men were roused from their slumber and safely taken into custody.

“Constable Malcolm has done exceptional work,” stated Sergeant Andrew Leaver. “These weapons present real dangers when used inappropriately and we will be proceeding with charges when we can. These seizures really highlight the unknown our officers face every time they approach a vehicle.”

While possessing a fake firearm is not a crime, it is illegal to brandish, point or refer to a replica gun while committing an offence. It is also illegal to possess the replica for a dangerous purpose, and illegal to carry or conceal a weapon intended to be used in threats or intimidation.

A silver and black replica firearm.

A black replica firearm on white paper.


CONTACT PERSON: Sergeant Andrew Leaver