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Increase in motorcycle theft

The New Westminster Police Department is warning of an increase in motorcycle theft in New Westminster. Thieves have been stealing motorcycles by putting them into neutral and rolling them away. Below are 4 tips on how you can protect your bike.

  1. Use your motorcycles built in anti-theft features. Most motorcycles come with an ignition lock, a steering lock, or both. They’re exceedingly easy to operate, which make them easy to incorporate into your routine. It’s true that many steering and ignition locks can be overcome with a bit of force. But for a thief, the slight inconvenience might mean the difference between stealing your bike and stealing the next one over.
  2. Consider covering your motorcycle if you plan on parking it for longer periods of time. If criminals can’t see what kind of motorcycle you have, they may not bother trying to find out. Plus, if they plan on riding away on your bike, the time it takes to remove the cover will increase their risk of being caught.
  3. You can greatly minimize your risk of theft by choosing a good parking space. Parking in a locked garage is ideal. If you’re parking on the street know that thieves avoid well-lit areas and areas of heavy foot traffic. So, parking next to a street lamp or outside of somebody’s window is a good idea.
  4. Consider using a disc lock. These locks are both versatile and highly portable. Disc locks instantly rule out a proportion of motorcycle thieves who’d rather move on to the next bike with no locks. Remember to get a disc lock reminder cable so you don’t try and ride away with your disc lock still on!