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New Westminster Police Department rewards drivers for good behaviour

New Westminster – Sensible drivers were rewarded for their courteous behavior by the New Westminster Police Department this week.

The New Westminster Police Department’s Traffic Unit was promoting safe driving through positive reinforcement. Safe driving behaviours that were rewarded included: traveling within the speed limits, proper use of the student drop off and pick up zones near schools, and stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks.

The initiative aims to change road-user behaviour through positive reinforcement and rewarding good drivers, motorcyclists, and cyclists with gift cards.

It is the second year the New Westminster Police Department has rewarded people with gift cards for obeying traffic laws. Starbucks donated gift cards to the New Westminster Police Department for the project.

“Our aim is to increase safety on New Westminster roads, and part of that includes sharing information, as well as enforcement,” stated Acting Sergeant Andrew Leaver. “If you reward good behavior, your return on investment will be more good behavior.”



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