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You’ve Been in a Collision, Now What?

You’ve just been in a collision with another vehicle, now what?

Being involved in a collision is something that no one wants to think about or experience. However, we take safety precautions like clicking into our seatbelts each time we drive because we know the possibility of getting into a collision exists. In the province of British Columbia there are approximately 50,000 collisions each year.

Firstly, don’t panic and assess the scene.

If this is a minor collision, or what many of us call a fender-bender, and your vehicle is still drivable, drive to somewhere where it is safe to pull over. If you are on a bridge, drive off the bridge and pull over where it is safe. Exchange information with the other driver. ICBC typically includes a fillable postcard in their insurance packages which shows which information you need to collect. You are not obligated to file a police report for minor collisions.

If your vehicle isn’t drivable or people are hurt, call 9-1-1 for emergency services. New Westminster Police Department will likely attend. Stay safe and inside your vehicle if possible. Be sure to remain calm and cooperative when speaking with first responders, and be as detailed as possible with your description of the events as you experienced them.

Take the time you need to recover from the shock of being in a collision and then report the collision to ICBC. For any additional information, be sure to consult the ICBC website.