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Good Samaritan hands in wallet with thousands of dollars inside

New Westminster – The New Westminster Police Department is highlighting a good deed done by a very honest New Westminster resident. The citizen was walking near 8th Street and Carnarvon Street when he discovered a wallet with $2,290.00 cash inside. The Good Samaritan brought it to the New Westminster Police Department in the hopes the owner of the wallet could be contacted.

“It was a true George Costanza wallet,” stated Constable Keall. “It had so much cash and cards inside it didn’t fold shut.”

The owner of the wallet was contacted, and he attended at NWPD shortly thereafter, very much relieved that the entire contents of the wallet were returned. The owner shared that when he lost the wallet he was heading to the bank to deposit the funds.

“Unfortunately in policing we often deal with the negative aspects of human behaviour” stated Deputy Chief Constable Paul Hyland. “It is always great to get a file like this that reminds us how amazing people can be, especially during a time when so many are negatively affected by the COVID pandemic.”

The New Westminster Police Department allows residents to file police reports for any lost property through online reporting which is available on our website at


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