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NWPD response to the death of George Floyd

On behalf of myself and the New Westminster Police Board we wanted to make the following statement regarding the recent death of George Floyd.

As an organization, we share the hurt and pain many have felt after seeing the video of Mr. Floyd’s tragic death. It is clear that we owe it to those we serve to take a stand as an organization.

We would like to state unequivocally that the police actions seen in the video are not supported by the NWPD, and it is our expectation that no member of this organization ever conduct themselves in such a manner. The NWPD are here to serve and protect the entire community with integrity, accountability, respect and compassion.

The NWPD condemns racism in all its forms. Racism in Canada is ever-present, and we have a long history of denial. Pretending racism doesn’t exist in Canada doesn’t make it go away. We are a diverse and inclusive police department and we are proud to work alongside all members of society no matter race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic standing. There is work to do, and we remain committed to listening, learning, and improving.

Understandably some members of our community may have difficulty trusting police and we need to be aware and accept this, while always working towards the goal of having all members of our diverse community feel represented and served by the NWPD.

While we will continue to hold ourselves accountable, we are also appreciative of the civilian-led oversight agencies which work with us to ensure our department’s actions are held to the highest standard, allowing us to maintain the trust of the community who grant us the privilege of serving.


Thank you, and please stay safe.


Acting Chief Constable Dave Jansen

Mayor Jonathan X Coté Chair of the New Westminster Police Board