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Update for parents on new cannabis legislation

The Child and Youth Resource Unit would like to inform you that some changes are being made to the laws and regulations surrounding the consumption of cannabis edibles.

New legislation is coming into effect regarding cannabis with new products expected to reach store shelves in December. This would expand offerings to include oils, extracts, sprays, edibles and creams in addition to the traditional cigarettes.

We know that many parents will have questions and concerns about how accessible these edible products are to their children.

We recommend talking with your children about cannabis and the risks associated with it. We also acknowledge that talking with your children about drugs like cannabis can be tough. However, the more often you talk about it, the easier it will get. We believe that making it a two-way conversation is also important. That way you can provide them with important information and learn how they feel about cannabis and why they might use it if they choose to. We encourage that you keep open on this topic as this will empower your children to come forward with more thoughts and questions about cannabis later on.

We want everyone to know the risks and to be mindful of what you choose to consume.

While cannabis is legal, it is still illegal to drive impaired. If your youth is planning to consume cannabis edibles, they should be made aware that the cannabis will take some time to take effect.

We recommend using for more details.

Members of our unit are always happy to talk about the law and regulation changes, as well as strategies for talking with your children and youth about cannabis.