Front desk closed

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our front desk is closed until further notice. No fingerprinting is happening at this time. Many of the services our front desk offers, can be completed online. You can also call us on our non-emergency line 604-525-5411 and in an emergency dial 9-1-1.

Non-Emergency 604-525-5411

Emergency 9-1-1

Crime prevention tips for the September long weekend

Keep your Home Safe

  • Lock your windows and doors when you leave the house: Whenever you choose to leave the house, always make sure to lock your windows and doors. This will prevent criminals from breaking into your residence during your vacancy.
  • Don’t post on social media until you have returned from your trip: While you are away for the long weekend, avoid posting on social media about your trip. This will prevent strangers from knowing that you’re away for the weekend.
  • Tell your close neighbors that you will be out of town: This will ensure that your house is monitored during your time away. Only tell a selection of trusted people that you are leaving.
  • Install cameras around your house: This will provide 24/7 surveillance on your property. Any movement that is detected, will send you a notification on your mobile phone alerting you of the current activity from your house.


Keep Yourself Safe

  • Drive smart, drive safe: Avoid driving alone or at night, when visibility is poor. Always have a map of your destination (paper maps are especially important- electronics may die, lose signal, break, etc.). When driving long distances, have a plan to change drivers or stop for rest to avoid fatigue.
  • If going swimming, ensure your company can swim and supply safety devices: Young children or other inexperienced swimmers need to be closely watched and given flotation devices near pools or bodies of water. Get safety training/learn CPR so you can be prepared for an emergency. Stay in areas with cell-phone signal if possible so that emergency services can be reached quickly. Do not go swimming alone, intoxicated, or in poor weather conditions.
  • Be aware of alcohol consumption and/or consumption of other drugs: Stay away from bodies of water and steep drop-offs while under the influence, and regulate your consumption to keep yourself and others safe. Do not operate a boat while under the influence.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash on your trip: In crowded areas during holiday times, pickpockets are more likely to look for victims. Don’t carry large amounts of cash, and store money on a clip or in your front pocket.