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Off-duty NWPD constable saves man’s life after medical emergency leads to serious crash

New Westminster – A motorist nearly died from a medical emergency on the Port Mann bridge. Thankfully, Constable Todd Sweet was driving a short distance behind him and saved his life.

Constable Sweet was on his way home and saw up ahead a vehicle had crashed head-on into a cement barrier. With the help of other off-duty Vancouver Police Department and RCMP members Constable Sweet helped pull a man from his vehicle and quickly began administering CPR.

While Constable Sweet continued to administer CPR the other police officers worked to clear the man’s airway, stabilize his spine, and direct traffic around the collision to make way for the ambulance.

“Myself and the other police officers happened to be at the right place and the right time to be able to help,” said Constable Sweet. “Whether you’re on shift or not, you react and do what you’ve been trained to do.”

Constable Sweet continued administering CPR for the next 20 minutes as the ambulance traveled through the traffic jam toward the scene of the accident.

Emergency Health Services rushed the man into surgery and he is currently recovering in the Intensive Care Unit.

“I would like to thank Constable Sweet and the other police officers who assisted with this incident and helped save a life,” stated New Westminster Police Chief Dave Jones.” The desire to help others in need isn’t something our constables leave at the office. You have to understand that the mentality of the people that get involved as first responders- whether it’s police, fire, or EMS, it’s basically in our heart, it’s in our soul. It’s what we do.”