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Back to school safety tips

As children head back to school this fall, the New Westminster Police Department Traffic Unit are reminding motorists to slow down and pay attention in school zones.

Drivers – Every school day, unless otherwise posted, the speed limit is 30 km/h in school zones.
Parents – Go over your child’s walk/cycle route to school with them ahead of time.
Students – Cross the road safely. No running, no jaywalking. Use crosswalks. Cross with the crossing guard if your school has one.

Drivers – School zones are in effect 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each school day.
Parents – If you drive your children to school, park in the pick-up/drop off zone. Have your child exit onto the sidewalk not into the road.
Students – Always stop, look and listen before you cross the road – even at crosswalks.

Drivers – Learn the school zones on your route. Slow down early to enter the zone at 30km/h or less.
Parents – Walk/ride with your child to school whenever possible or have another responsible adult do it.
Students – BE SEEN! Wear bright clothing and reflective gear. Dayglo green is a hot fall fashion trend.

Drivers – If a vehicle is stopped in front or in the lane next to you, it may be yielding to a child you cannot see.
Parents – If driving and dropping your child at school, never let them cross mid-block.
Students – Save play for the playground, not for the on the sidewalks going to and from school.

Drivers – School buses. When their lights are flashing you must stop no matter which direction you approach.
Parents – Never U-Turn in the school zone before or after dropping your child at school.
Students – Always make sure all vehicles have stopped before you start to cross. Even if the walk signal is on.

Drivers – If your route involves a school zone, leave a few minutes early. The roads will be busy next week!
Parents – Never park on or close to a crosswalk. Park in designated areas or away from the school to reduce visual obstruction for children and drivers alike.
Students – Walk on the inside edge of the sidewalk, as far away from the traffic as possible.

Drivers – In a school zone expect the unexpected. A slow speed and extra attention will give you time to react.
Parents – If you drive to school and get out, walk around your vehicle on return to ensure no small children are behind. Always look one more time for pedestrians before you move off.
Students – Avoid walking through parking lots or between parked cars. Drivers cannot see you.

Drivers – Slow down in school zones. Use your full concentration and be aware of hazards in all directions. Have both hands on the wheel.
Parents – When driving in the school zone, set the example for other drivers. Don’t be part of the problem outside your school.
Students – Crossing basics: Stop at the curb. Look left, right and all around. Listen. When the road is clear start crossing but keep looking and listening for vehicles.

And this school year your School Liaison Officers want to meet you! Learn more about the work they do, and look out for them on social media.