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New Westminster Police Department adopts naloxone to fight opioid crisis

New Westminster – Throughout the month of February New Westminster Police Department members and front line civilian staff will be trained in administering naloxone. The drug, which enters the body through a nasal spray, reverses the effects of opioids.

“Having naloxone available to us means we can save lives in opioid overdose situations, and can also assist members of the public and first responders who may have been accidentally exposed to fentanyl or other opioids,” stated Media Relations Officer Acting Sergeant Jeff Scott. “Our Police Board recognizes the province is in the midst of an illicit drug dependency crisis.”

The new naloxone program and policies will result in New Westminster Police and civilian staff having access to naloxone. Officers will be will be able to carry a personal naloxone kit while on patrol and kits will be supplied at stations throughout the department building.

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