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6 tips to protect your mail

By taking a few precautions against mail fraud, you can protect your mail and yourself from becoming an easy target of identity thieves. If you’re expecting mail and don’t receive it, follow up with the sender to make sure it was sent. If you suspect you were a victim of mail theft, call our non-emergency line at 604-525-5411.

Check mail regularly. Never leave mail in your mailbox any longer than it needs to be there. Even better – install a locking mailbox or secure mail slot that keeps mail from criminals.

Have packages delivered to your workplace. Having your package delivered to your office will reduce the risk of package theft or package loss significantly (given that your company allows that and there are coworkers available in the office to retrieve your package).

Shred your junk mail. While you might perceive something as junk mail, don’t just discard it without shredding it. Identity thieves will take information in whatever way they can get it, even if means digging through your trash.

Report suspicious activity. If you see suspicious individuals around your mailbox, contact the New Westminster Police Department.

Use a secure mailbox. Consider purchasing a locking mailbox. These can accommodate small packages, budles of mail, or magazines.

Stop mail delivery when you aren’t home. If you are going away or are unable to pick up your mail for any reason, have it collected by a trusted neighbour, or go to your local post office or online and file a Hold Mail Request. Canada Post Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-267-1177.