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Donate your cell phone to a good cause

New Westminster – The New Westminster Police Department is looking for 50 cell phones to be donated over the month of August. The Victim Assistance Unit uses the phones by giving them to victims of domestic violence, seniors, and people in at-risk situations.

“By donating your old cell phone you ensure that help for victims is never out of reach,” said Staff Sergeant Chad Johnston, “We use your donated phones and put them in the hands of people who are at most risk of needing 911 emergency services. As a bonus it keeps your old phones out of landfills, so everybody wins.”

Phones for donation only require a battery and charger to function, no service agreement with a cell phone carrier, no SIM card, and no contracts. Donors are asked to delete all personal information off their phones. Any phone that can turn on and call out can call 911 and be connected to the nearest police station. The phones are completely concealable and reliable when personal safety is compromised.

Those wanting to help the New Westminster Police Department reach its goal of 50 phones can donate their phone, battery and charger between 8:00am and 7:00pm at the front counter of the New Westminster Police Department, 555 Columbia Street, New Westminster.

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