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NWPD one of the first police agencies to use the new Alco-Sensor-FST

New Westminster – NWPD police officers have been attending training for the new Alco-Sensor-FST which will replace the Alco-Sensor IVDWF (ASD). The training for NWPD police officers started in October, 2014 and the “go live” date is scheduled for December 15th – just in time for the CounterAttack Road Checks. The Alco-Sensor-FST is a roadside alcohol screening device which can confirm an officer’s suspicion of a driver having alcohol in their body while operating a motor vehicle.

“We are excited to utilize this updated technology which will incur less time for maintenance and will optimize our ability to take quicker breath samples,” says Constable Jamie Crowston of the NWPD Traffic Unit.

The new Alco-Sensor-FST allows police officers to obtain optimal samples from more subjects in less time. All police agencies in Canada will soon be adopting this new device to conduct roadside alcohol screening.