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Queen’s Park Stadium Proposal

New Westminster – The New Westminster Police have been approached and asked by several individuals and groups concerning some policing matters such as any concerns over local crime, traffic and parking. First of all we recognize that any decision on development projects is that of city council. The Police Department’s role is to provide relevant data or details regarding crime prevention and mitigation that can be considered along with numerous other factors by any decision making group when it comes to development projects. Our role is to examine potential impact on areas that affect policing and community safety.

Crime-Queens Park Area

Generally over the past 5 years the level of criminal activity in the Queens Park area has been relatively constant with no major concerns or community threats. The highest level of criminal activity occurred in the summer of 2013 when several break and enters occurred, however two individuals were subsequently identified, arrested and charged. Drug related offences have declined greatly over the past few years which may be in relation to increased patrols in the summer months throughout the parks with a zero tolerance approach to criminal and nuisance behaviors. There is no indication that this proposal will lead to an increase in criminal activity in the area, as the use of the facility by any legitimate sport group (public or private) is a positive activity with any public facility.

Parking / Traffic

The Queens Park area is a predominantly residential community with limited access and exit points into, and from the park. There have however been other major events that have occurred in the park area, including the Mann and Minto Cup Lacrosse games, May Day Festival events and other activities that draw large crowds. Planned traffic control and encouraging alternative methods of travel can be addressed in advance of most major events that can limit community impact, both in size and duration.

In general the NWPD has been involved with numerous community activities and events that are both new and growing within our community. From large road closures or mobile events such as parades the NWPD works to ensure that community impact is minimal while the event has every chance of success. Events such as Shown N Shine, Pride Festival, Food Cart festival, Uptown Live and many others show that by working together we can minimize impacts and allow for successful events to occur. Again, we provide this release in response to queries made regarding the police view on the specific impacts of crime, traffic and parking.