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NWPD Clarify Points Made in Vancouver Province Article Dated April 4, 2014

New Westminster – The New Westminster Police Department wish to clarify points made in an article published in the Vancouver Province on April 4, 2014. The article provided information from the Office of the Police Complaints Commission from cases that were investigated in 2013. With respect to the New Westminster Police Officer being reported to have been using cocaine and other related charges, this stemmed from an incident that occurred in January, 2009 which involved Jeff Klassen. He was immediately suspended after the incident in 2009, but the investigation was concluded in 2013 and therefore was reported in that year.

With respect to the incident reported that states that a “drunk off-duty New West officer started a “non-consensual” fight and was arrested for being intoxicated in public and, while being held in a cell, assaulted one of the arresting officers,” this was, in fact, not a New Westminster Police officer. The New Westminster Police made the arrest of the individual, who works for another police agency, and the assault occurred in the New Westminster police jail cells.