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NWSPOA welcomes first honorary member

Plaque presentationNew Westminster – On Wednesday September 11th, 2013, the New Westminster Superannuated Police Officer’s Association (NWSPOA) welcomed its first honorary member, the very well known and respected journalist George Garrett. NWPD Chief Constable Dave Jones and Deputy Chief Constable Laurin Stenerson were on hand to present Garrett with his membership plaque and welcome him to the NWPD family.

Garrett, who spent 43 years at CKNW, retiring in 1999, worked for many years in New Westminster before the station moved its offices in 1996. During those years, Garrett developed an almost unparalleled reputation, not only for his ability to break big stories, but also for his integrity and his compassion. It was during this time that Garrett also developed many positive relationships with members of the NWPD, most of whom are now retired, and it was for these reasons he was chosen as their first honorary member.

***NWSPOA Backgrounder***

The NWSPOA formed on October 06, 2004 when a number of retired NWPD members met as a group and voted to adopt a Constitution and Bylaws.

The focus of the NWSPOA is to promote social interaction amongst retired NWPD members and to keep them updated regarding changes to their pension and medical coverage. Currently there are over 90 members in the Association, which are has several levels of membership:

1. Regular Members—those members who have retired to superannuation from New Westminster Police.
2. Associate Members–those who left New Westminster with ten years of service or more but did not retire to pension, or accepted members who retired from other police agencies.
3. Life Members–Once a member reaches the age of 80 they become life members and cease to pay annual dues. There are currently nine members 80 years of age or more.4. Honorary Members—Members who have held a distinctive relationship with the currently retired members of the NWPD, George Garrett being the first.