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NWPD Warn the Public and Requests Assistance with Identifying Unknown Male Caller

The New Westminster Police Department received a disturbing telephone call at 8:17 am today through their non-emergency telephone number. The call was unable to be traced. A male called and stated that he wanted to kidnap a woman that he knew and hold her against her will. The NWPD have been unable to identify the male and want to warn the public as they cannot rule out the validity of the information without the identity of the male caller. The NWPD can advise that the male stated the following:

-He lives in New Westminster on Columbia Street and is twenty-nine years old.
-He wants to be called “Fleece Johnson.”
-The potential victim lives 5 houses down from him.
-The potential victim is twenty six years old and has no children.
-He claims to have known the potential victim for 5 years.
-He claims to have met the potential victim in a pub not far from his residence in New Westminster.


The following is part of the transcript of the telephone conversation with an audio clip:

MC (Male Caller): I thought you’re gonna give me a local number? Where I could phone.

EC: (E-COMM Operator) Well, well, we’re gonna, we’re gonna try and work on that. But I’m just wondering

MC: Yes, I do, but I’m sorry I’m not gonna give you that information.

EC: You don’t wanna give us any information?

MC: No. About, regarding this. You can then trace me.

do you know this lady’s first name?

Please call 604-525-5411 with any information.