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New Westminster Resident Loses $1,300 in Fraud Scam

A resident of New Westminster is out $1,300 after trusting an on-line bank to provide her a loan. She located a bank online called “Citi Plan” and completed documentation to receive a $5,000 loan. The resident filled out a contract and provided her name, contact information, banking details including the routing number, type of account and bank account number. The resident also provided her signature.

The New Westminster Police attempted to locate the company via the website but the site was no longer available. The resident believed she was applying for a loan of $5,000 and was required to send funds as collateral to obtain the loan through “Citi Plan”. The resident sent two transactions via Western Union on two separate dates after being advised her credit score was not high enough to obtain the funds out right. The resident was asked to send a third transaction, but became suspicious at this time. The telephone number for “Citi Plan” in addition to the website has since been shut down after the resident asked for a refund.

The New Westminster Police Department urges the public to be vigilant with respect to sending money for any purpose that cannot be verified. No legitimate banking institution or business would request money so they could send money to an individual. The NWPD also warn the public to never provide personal information via the internet or any other means that cannot be verified.