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Break and Enter Prevention

Summer is upon us with warm days and evenings. Criminals will often target residence on warm summer nights as they are only too aware that many unsuspecting home owners will leave doors or windows ajar. The following are some ideas that will be helpful:

  • Suspects in Break and Enters use various ways to enter homes and businesses, including smashing windows, prying locks or simply kicking in doors. Other common entry points are unlocked doors and windows.
  •  Generally speaking, a culprit will spend very little time in a house. Once inside, thieves are often looking for items that they can physically carry away from the scene. Personal items and valuables, like car keys, purses and wallets, are often within easy reach of the door.
  • Residents should be aware that warmer weather often brings seasonal crime. As a result of this, residents are cautioned to ensure homes are well-lit and locked, even if you are simply working in your yard.
  •  Residents are encouraged to use their alarm system if they have one.

NWPD are also asking residents to be observant and report any suspicious activity. An example might be a person or vehicle unfamiliar to the observer or a vehicle that enters a driveway, remains for a short time and then leaves. While there are, from time to time, legitimate businesses or charities that solicit business or donations in a door-to-door canvass, police are asking residents to report incidents where a person knocking at the door seems surprised to find someone at home or seems to have an implausible explanation for being in the neighborhood. Information as brief as a description of a suspect, or a license plate number is important and may ultimately solve one or more cases.

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