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Telephone Fraud

On Friday September 30th, the New Westminster Police Service was contacted by a citizen that was victim to a telephone scam. The victim was contacted by a male identifying himself as being a member of Shaw Cables technical support team. The fraudster advised the victim that Shaw has become aware that the victim’s home computer has a virus and that Shaw can remove the virus but it will cost a One-Hundred and Fifty dollar service charge.

The trusting victim agreed and made payment over the telephone by providing his credit card number and personal information to the suspect. The victim was then instructed to push some keys on his computer and the virus would be removed via a software download. Needless to say, nothing was downloaded.

The investigation into this file continues. However, here are some tips to help prevent being victimized by fraud;

  • DO NOT invest or purchase a product or service without carefully checking out the investment, product, service, and the company.
  • DO NOT be afraid to request further documentation from the caller so you can verify the validity of the company.
  • DO NOT be fooled by the promise of a valuable prize in return for a low cost purchase.
  • DO NOT be pressured to send money to take advantage of a “special offer or deal.”
  • DO NOT be hurried into sending money to claim a prize that is available for only a “few hours”
  • DO NOT disclose information about your finances, bank accounts or credit cards (not even the credit card expiry date).
  • DO NOT be afraid to hang-up the phone

If you are unsure what to do contact the New Westminster Police Service and also consider contacting the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre. Fraudsters are despicable for the clever tricks that they employ. Do what you can to prevent being a victim.