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New Westminster Parks Safety Project

The New Westminster Police Service and New Westminster Parks Culture and Recreation are working together to eliminate criminal and nuisance behaviors that occur each year within our parks during the spring and summer months. In addition to preventative and educational measures, the Police Service employs a “zero tolerance” approach to criminal and nuisance behaviors that interfere with the general public’s use of the park and surrounding areas.

The current Parks Regulation bylaw prohibits individuals from being in the park after dusk, and from conducting themselves in a disorderly or offensive manner. Individuals who are found to be committing any criminal activity in the park area, or conducting themselves in such a manner that contravenes the Parks bylaw (section 18), will be prohibited by way of written notice from entering any Parks Culture and Recreation facility for a period of 90 days.

Those found committing criminal offences will be arrested. Those that commit violations under our city bylaws will be escorted from the park and issued a violation ticket. Liquor offences such as possessing liquor, minors in possession of liquor, intoxicated in public, will be issued $230.00 violation tickets. Additionally, the parents of minors will be notified of offences and be responsible for violation fines.

Enforcement in parks is being conducted by New Westminster Parks Culture and Recreation security patrols. Police Service bike squad officers, patrol division officers and, Citizens Crime Watch Patrol volunteer’s are out in force after dusk. Additionally, our police school liaison officer has provided educational information to our local high school students regarding this project.

The New Westminster Police Service and the New Westminster Parks and Recreation Department strive to ensure that our parks are a safe and enjoyable place for each and every person. Criminal and nuisance behavior will not be tolerated.