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New Westminster Crime Rates Decreases

Over the past 10 years, crime rates in British Columbia have been decreasing. In New Westminster, the crime rate decrease has outpaced the province in many areas. In March 2011 the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General of BC provided the following data:

  • 2000-2009, New Westminster crime rate per 1000 persons decreased by 32% while the provincial crime rate has decreased by 19%.
  • 2000-2010, New Westminster criminal code offences decreased by 25%.
  • 2000-2010, New Westminster annual crime rates per 1000 persons decreased by 35%
  • 2000-2009, New Westminster auto thefts decreased by 52%
  • 2000-2009, New Westminster robbery crimes decreased by 34%.
  • 2000-2009, New Westminster overall property crime rate decreased by 32%.

Province-wide a number of factors are involved in the decreasing numbers. These include policing programs such as the Bait Car program and PRIME reporting systems wherein police have instant access to information on criminals and criminal activity. Generally speaking, crimes tend to be committed by males in their late teens and early twenties. In BC, the population in this age group is decreasing.

One of the most important factors in reducing crime is public awareness. Community Based Policing programs have increased the input and assistance from citizens in reporting crime and suspicious activities. New Westminster Police initiatives such as Crime Free Multi-Housing, the Park Safety Initiative, School Liaison Officers and, the Operational Support Unit have all had positive effects on reducing crime and the fear of crime.

“The numbers speak for themselves and we can be justifiably proud of our New Westminster Police Service for their hard work and diligence in keeping our community safe,” said Mayor and Police Board Chair Wayne Wright. “We also need to recognize that, as a community, we’ve all played a role in helping police to keep the numbers moving in the right direction.”

We encourage the citizens of New Westminster to be active in our community. If you would like information on the programs we offer or are interested in volunteering, please contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 604-529-2528.