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Suspicious Male – Moody Park

The New Westminster Police are investigating an incident that occurred on Tuesday March 22nd in Moody Park. It is reported that at approximately 1300 Hours, the victim, a young teen female, was with her daycare group playing games near the parks south east corner when she observed a male sitting near others in the picnic table area.

As the youth continued to play she became separated briefly from her friends. The youth then noticed that the male was standing behind her. The male reportedly stated; ‘come with me’ repeating it twice. The youth said ‘no’ and ran back towards the daycare supervisor to report what had happened. The male then left the area heading southbound out of the park.


  • Caucasian male
  • 5’10
  • slim to medium build
  • late 40’s or early 50’s
  • short style grey/white hair
  • grey/white patch of hair on bottom of lip
  • brown eyes
  • deep voice
  • dark brown khaki pants
  • black ¾ length trench coat
  • black ankle dress shoes
  • dirty clothing smelling of garbage
  • chipped broken, yellow stained teeth
  • carrying a cell phone

The police were not contacted to attend the initial scene but patrols for the suspect were later conducted.

Should any member of the public have information regarding this incident, they are asked to please contact Detective Eamonn Ward at 604-529-2423