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Youth Approached By A Stranger

Yesterday morning in the area of 9th street and St Andrews while on the way to elementary school, a youth was approached by a man he described as being older, with a grey beard, wearing a green nike T-shirt and black baseball cap that had grey trim. The man was driving an older grey truck. When the vehicle pulled up this man told the youth to get in the truck, suggesting that it was really important. The youth ignored the man and kept walking. The older grey truck then drove off.

This is the second report that has been made to New Westminster Police since January involving a similar male and vehicle. New Westminster Police are asking parents to talk with their children and ensure they know what to do if approached by a stranger.

New Westminster residents are encouraged to come to the New Westminster Police office and receive a free “Child Safety Kit”. This kit provides excellent advice and information that parents will want to teach to their children.

If anyone sees a vehicle and occupant matching this description you are asked to record the licence plate number, and call the New Westminster Police.