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Suspicious Male

On August 31st at approximately 2:00 P.M. a female in her late teens was walking in the Two-Hundred Block of First Street when she was approached by a suspicious male.

The male was driving along First Street when he pulled his vehicle to the curb near the female. The male rolled his vehicle window down and stated “come over here and talk to me.” The female immediately walked away from the male without engaging in a conversation. The male then drove from the area.

The male is described as an East Indian, 30-40 years of age, bald with no facial hair. The vehicle is described as a white panel van with ladders attached to the roof.

Our complainant continued home and advised her mother of the circumstance. The New Westminster police were contacted and attended the complainant’s residence while other patrol officers conducted area searches for the male.

The complainant and her mother responded prudently to this situation. The young female declined in engaging in a conversation with the male and continued to walk home and, the complainants mother responded well by contacting our police service.

The males attempt at conversation may have been harmless however, it’s best in these circumstances to err on the side of caution.