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Front Street Closure

Update to the tractor trailer roll-over incident on New Westminster’s Front Street. The incident occurred at 23:25 hours last night. The tractor trailer unit came in contact with a concrete barrier causing the vehicle to weave sharply and subsequently flip on to its side. The driver sustained minor injuries and fortunately no other motorist’s were involved. The cause of the incident is under investigation. Witnesses to the incident have been interviewed.

The tractor trailer unit was fully loaded with thirty thousand pounds of yogurt. The size of the load coupled with the tractor trailer units size have slowed progress for Front Street re-opening. Police and city engineering department crews remain on scene and are working diligently to open the roadway as soon as possible. In the meantime, all of Front Street will remain closed to traffic.

We do not anticipate Front Street to be open to traffic until 10:00 hours. We will however, advise the media as soon as we are able to establish the time of opening. We apologize to the motorist’s for any inconvenience this may cause.