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Police Administer CPR On Collapsed Youth

On January 29th in the early afternoon New Westminster police officers Cst.s Dyck and Maglio were on patrols near Moody Park when a youth ran up to them requesting assistance. The youth advised that one of his friends had collapsed in the park for unknown reasons. The officers immediately ran to where the male youth lay, unconscious, not breathing, and did not have a pulse present. The officers immediately initiated CPR and radioed police dispatch for an emergency ambulance. The youth briefly regained consciousness but then once again, fell unconscious. The police officers resumed CPR until Ambulance Services Advance Life Support Unit arrived at scene. CPR continued as the youth was transported to Royal Columbian Hospital.

Upon arrival at Royal Columbian Hospital the youth went into cardiac arrest however, thankfully hospital medical staff were able to revive and stabilize the male. The cause of the youth’s cardiac arrest is not known, police officers interviewed the youths friends, family and witnesses. By all accounts, the young male was in fine medical condition prior to the collapse. New Westminster Police Victims Assistance Unit continues to provide support for the youth’s family.

This incident illustrates the potential life saving value of properly administered cardio pulmonary resuscitation ( CPR ). The New Westminster Police Services encourages the public to consider obtaining CPR training from their local first aid training institution.