Non-Emergency 604-525-5411

Emergency 9-1-1

Report a Crime

If this is an emergency, do not file a report online, but instead call 911 immediately. 

There are different types of complaints we can take through online reporting. Please use this system if one of the following has happened to you and you do not know who did it:

Someone has vandalized your property or car.
You have been the victim of a hit and run where you do not know the suspect.
You have lost something that costs less than $5,000.
Someone has stolen something from you that costs less than $5,000.
You have a community complaint.
You have a driving complaint for a problem area.

Reporting online saves you time, and is a more efficient use of police resources. Reporting your crime takes approximately 15 minutes, and requires you to have a valid email address. After you have finished your online report you can expect to be issued a temporary file number as your file will be reviewed. If the crime you would like to report is not listed above please call 604-525-5411.

Click here to report a crime.