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Experienced Officers

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Experienced Canadian Police Officer Applicants

We are currently hiring experienced Canadian Police Officers (in Province and outside of British Columbia)


  • Currently employed as a police officer, with a minimum of one year of service after graduation from the Police Academy, or previously employed as a police officer within the past two years
  • An exemplary service record with your current or past police agency
  • Commit to moving/living within a 60-kilometer radius of New Westminster city limits


Experience Officer’s Recruitment Process

The NWPD process for Experienced officers includes:

  • Application and Security Clearance Questionnaire
  • Suitability Interview
  • Ride Along
  • Panel Interview
  • Background Investigation
  • Executive Interview

For Out of Province, within Canada experienced officers, in addition to the process above:

  • Exempt exam
    • This exam can be done online, but if it is done online, the applicant will need an NCO to oversee it.
  • Provide Education and Training transcripts
  • Provide two letters of reference confirming the competence and experience claimed as a police officer
  • Complete, or have completed within 1 year, POPAT / PARE (if this has been done within 1 year, provide documentation)
  • The NWPD Recruiting Sergeant will complete a letter to the Director of Police Services requesting an exemption from the Recruit Training Program


If you meet these requirements please review and complete our application form.


Questions can be directed to: