Non-Emergency 604-525-5411

Emergency 9-1-1

Emergency Preparedness

As first responders, every member of the department represents an important part of the NWPD’s response to actual or imminent emergencies or disasters.

As such, the NWPD is committed to enhancing their awareness and preparedness of every member of staff by:

  • mitigating the effects of emergencies and disasters through education and awareness
  • promoting preparedness through planning, training and exercising
  • supporting response activities and recovery measures

The NWPD Emergency Planning section’s responsibilities include:

  • developing and maintaining NWPD’s Major Emergency Procedures
  • developing and maintaining NWPD’s Business Continuity Plan
  • developing and maintaining disaster specific police emergency response plans (flooding, earthquake, CBRN response, pandemic, etc.)
  • promoting personal preparedness to all members and civilian staff
  • promoting emergency preparedness training with other municipal departments to local residents
  • participating in and coordinating the Emergency Social Services
  • preparing yearly NWPD emergency exercises for members and civilian staff

More information on how to be prepared for an emergency can be found on the Emergency Management Office website.

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