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Halloween Safety Tips

  • Do not go Trick-or-Treating alone; go with an adult or older brother or sister and stay in a familiar neighbourhood.
  • Wear a bright colored costume that is loose enough that you won’t trip. Carry a flashlight or other light.
  • Do not go to houses that have their lights out and do not go inside any houses or apartments.
  • Try to use make-up instead of a mask. If you wear a mask, make sure you can see and breathe easily. Take your mask off when you are crossing a street.
  • Use the sidewalk; do not run across lawns or gardens.
  • Only cross the street in a crosswalk or at a corner. Remember, it is harder for drivers to see you at night.
  • Do not sample any of your treats before you get home. When you get home, have an adult examine all of your candy and throw away anything that is not in a sealed wrapper.
  • Stay away from anyone using Firecrackers or Roman Candles – they are DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL
  • Fireworks can only be used from 4:00 pm until midnight on October 31st. The person using them must be 18 or over and it has to be on private property with permission of the owner. Stay away from anyone using fireworks unsafely!
  • Above all, Stay Safe, Stay Alert!