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School Liaison Officers

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School Liaison Officers have a unique role to play between students, parents, and teachers. We intervene when students are at risk, we encourage students to be good citizens both in person and online, and we work to make ensure students learn in a safe environment. School Liaison Offers also educate youth on safety issues, foster positive relationships between youth and police, increase awareness among youth of their responsibility to the community, and provide them with the knowledge and confidence needed to make safe and responsible choices.

The Curriculum

Constable G. Lau is responsible for all middle and elementary school in New Westminster. Constable T. Callaghan is responsible for New Westminster Secondary School, Purpose School and Recap School. The topics we present to classes typically are as follows:

Kindergarten to Grade 3: Stranger danger, general safety awareness, teasing and personal safety.

Grade 4 to Grade 6: Internet safety, social media awareness and bullying.

Grade 7 to Grade 10: Social media awareness, internet safety, bullying, drug education.

Grade 11 to Grade 12: Social media awareness, internet safety, bullying, drinking and driving, drug education, and dating violence.